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MapleCanada was born in 2015 The world is big, We are new Honesty brings you high-quality natural food

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Authentic Canadian food Icewine · Fruit Wine · Wine Milk · Oatmeal · Dried fruit


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The Story of Maplecanada

We are a group of Chinese who live in Canada for years. Each home always bags have a variety of gifts to relatives and friends from Canada, specialty gifts, but also our daily food on the table.       

One of the most popular gifts is precisely our own favorite Canadian food, especially Icewine and agricultural products. We are happy to just these, because we believe that food safety in canada. If you have the same intention as we do, you will understand that Canada has been among the best in many years in the world economic cooperation organization (the world's most developed country) for food safety.  


The Brand of Maplecanada

Magnotta winery ranked 50 in Canada platinum enterprises, Canada's third largest winery. Magnotta winery is one of the few wineries in Canada that is licensed to produce and sell wines, beers, and distilled spirits. It is also a Canadian wine producer with a number of awards, winning over 4000 awards, including more than 3700 gold medals. Magnotta winery is one of the few once in the international competition Wine won four trophies in black diamond Canadian winery.



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